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The Top Questions to Ask Commercial Landscapers Before Hiring

Are you looking to hire the best commercial landscapers in Denver and the surrounding area? As a business owner or property manager, you want to ensure you make smart decisions for your company. In order to understand which company will provide a high-quality landscaping service that is the right fit for your needs, you need to know what to ask commercial landscapers. If you don’t hire the right commercial landscaping company, you run the risk of getting sub-par results that lack real design and overall quality. 

Below, we dive into the most important questions we recommend you ask your landscapers before you decide to hire them to ensure you choose the best fit.

What Landscaping Services Do You Provide?

Image of someone sketching out a landscape design

Not all commercial landscapers offer the same services, and there is also a wide range of service quality offered throughout the industry. While it’s always best to choose a reputable, experienced team of landscapers, the specific services you require for your project are unique.

If you want a new structure for your landscaping, we recommend hiring a commercial landscaping company that provides in-depth design services. As a leading landscape design company, we pride ourselves on listening to your vision, ideas, and every request in between. Ensuring the design process is collaborative and open for communication both ways is essential to a successful outcome. Once the landscape design is created, we draw up plans for your landscaping and have you have the final approval.

Your project may also require garden services, lawn care maintenance, hardscaping, and even the construction of water structures. Be sure the landscaping company you’re vetting offers the specific services you need for your project. Most landscaping companies list their services on their website, which we recommend you review to get a better understanding of what they provide and their overall approach.

How Long Have You Been Commercial Landscapers?

Image of construction workers looking at a design plan on site
Portrait of architect and engineer with experience in multi-story building construction

New commercial landscaping companies often do good work, but they don’t have the experience needed to do things well all the time. The longer a company has been in the landscaping business, the more chances the team has had to take on a variety of projects and perfect their methods. 

Landscaping is a living, breathing industry that is ever-changing with new trends, technologies, and techniques that require the team to stay ahead of the competition and employ proactive problem-solving. A quality landscape company that has been in the industry for decades will know the ins and outs of a range of projects from simple to complex and understand how to deliver, exceeding your expectations.

How Much Will This Landscaping Project Cost?

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When considering which landscaping company to hire for your commercial property, understanding the range of investment you will need to make upfront is extremely important so you can properly budget. It’s important for both you and the landscapers you’re speaking with to be transparent about budget expectations and costs upfront. Most landscaping companies offer free, no-obligation quotes to prospective clients.

To get an accurate quote, we recommend you know as much about your project as possible. If you have any ideas for your landscape, note them and discuss them. If you are able to, get the measurements of the area where you want to complete the landscaping work. The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate a quote they can provide you. Keep in mind that experienced landscapers may request a walk-through of your property to provide the best possible plan and quote for you.

Get quotes from two or three different companies you are considering. Take the services they can provide into account. Choose the company that offers you the best landscaping services for an investment that works within your budget. 

Do You Have a Portfolio?

Image of a garden landscape with a bridge

If you want to see how well a landscaping company works and the style of work they provide, ask them if they have a portfolio.

Landscape portfolios typically contain photos of the company’s best work. Take a look through the portfolio and see whether you like their style and overall aesthetic. Pay attention to whether any of the samples look like what you’ve envisioned for your own project. It’s important to see alignment if you plan on working together.

Ready to Get Started With the Best Commercial Landscapers in Denver?

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Putting in the time to find and vet the right commercial landscapers will help you ensure you get a final result you’ll love.

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