4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Commercial Landscape

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Do you feel your commercial property’s landscape holds untapped potential, yet find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of designing an inviting outdoor space? It’s not merely about planting flowers or trimming hedges; it’s about creating an environment that truly embodies the quality and character of your business.

If you’re like us, you notice and appreciate how quality, thoughtfully constructed commercial landscaping can leave an impression on you, even if you can’t quite say why. In well-designed landscapes for properties of any size, there is often subtlety and nuance involved in creating those perfect scenarios. At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, a premier landscaping company in Colorado, we have spent years obsessing over the makeup of an award-winning landscape.

Our commercial landscaping experts have put together a list of the top elements that define award-winning landscapes. If you’re in search of the perfect landscape for your property, check out these top four recommendations.

1. The Best Commercial Landscapes Mirror Your Business Ethos

Image of a garden with hardscaping features

Let your landscape design allow the business’s vibe to flow throughout the property. Think about the type of ambience you want to create and the feelings you want to evoke in your guests or customers when they visit your space.

A restaurant might have an open outdoor patio space on gravel or flagstone, while a spa may opt for a fountain and a rock garden on-premises. There are ways to soften your desired look or elevate it to make it more formal, like with a tall manicured hedge surrounding the front yard or leading up to the front entrance. A professional landscaping company that takes the time to understand your business and what you’re hoping to achieve with your property.

2. Your Outdoor Space Should Make Clients Feel Welcome

Image of a garden at night with lights

Creating an inviting space that welcomes staff, customers, and clients takes the right team with skilled landscape designers. Creating a pleasant and appealing property can happen in a variety of ways.

A veterinarian clinic with space set aside for dogs to explore and benches for people to sit at is communicating an understanding attitude to its clients. Beautiful or unusual gardens are an attractive first sight at a hotel and a place to enjoy outdoor space without leaving the campus.

3. Your Design Leads the Way for Guests

Image of a commercial property landscape at night with lights

When landscape planning and design are intentional, it allows the space to visually communicate how it’s meant to be navigated and enjoyed. Planting a Russian Hawthorne at the entrance to your business driveway, or erecting a couple of brick columns on either side, becomes a lovely landmark that sets your business apart (and reminds people where to turn). If you have paved pathways, consider lining them with shrubs or small trees and integrated landscape lighting, and you’ll be offering a 3D map of how to get around the property for your clients without having to communicate it to them.

4. The Top Commercial Properties Are Well-Maintained

Image of a landscaped trail

There is no better first (or lasting) impression than a well-manicured and maintained landscape. It can speak volumes to a company’s mission, reputation, and the environment they strive to create.

It’s one thing to design and create a gorgeous and captivating landscape design for your business, but your investment may fall flat if it becomes and neglected. Quality landscapes don’t skimp on their maintenance investment. Instead, consistently manicuring the lawn and gardens, removing snow and ice, and even applying bright decor during holidays will set you apart while ensuring your initial design investment continues to pay off.

If you are searching for a respected landscape partner in Colorado to design and maintain your commercial property, the team at Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes is happy to discuss your project. Get in touch with our team.