Tips for Creating Perfect Commercial Landscapes

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If you’re like us, you notice how good; thoughtful commercial landscaping can leave an impression on you, even if you couldn’t quite say why. There can be subtlety and nuance involved in creating those perfect scenarios. At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, we can define all award-winning landscapes’ commonalities.

1. They Mirror Your Business Ethos

Let your design allow the business’s vibe to flow throughout the property. A restaurant might have an outdoor patio space on gravel or flagstone, while a spa could have a fountain and a rock garden on-premises. There are ways to soften your look or make it more formal, like with a tall manicured hedge surrounding the front yard or leading up to the front entrance.

2. They Make Clients Feel Welcome

This can take many variations. A veterinarian clinic with space set aside for dogs to do their business in and benches for people to sit at is communicating an understanding attitude to its clients. Beautiful or unusual gardens are an attractive first sight at a hotel and a place to enjoy outdoor space without leaving the campus.

3. They Help Show the Way

Planting a Russian Hawthorne at the entrance to your business driveway, or erecting a couple of brick columns on either side, becomes a lovely landmark that sets your business apart (and reminds people where to turn.) If you have paved paths, consider lining them with shrubs or small trees, and you’ll be offering a 3D map of how to get around the property for your clients.

4. They Are Well-Maintained

Don’t skimp on maintenance costs. It’s one thing to design and create a gorgeous and captivating landscape design for your business, but it’s for naught if things get overgrown or detritus collects. Instead, manicuring the lawn and gardens, removing snow and ice, and even applying bright decor during holidays will set you apart.

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