Ways to Find Winter Beauty in Your Landscaping

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winter beauty

The harshness of our Colorado winters might convince you that all hope for attractive commercial landscaping needs to be abandoned until late spring. In truth, there are several steps you can take not only to minimize the effects of the season on your outdoor plants and landscaping but also to spark some winter beauty. The work you must do to care for your grounds can often be done, so it seems to have been done simply for appearance’s sake.

Hardy, Colorful and Attractive Even in Winter

First, consider some changes and touches that can beautify your property in subtle ways:

  • Here comes the light. The use of accent lights in the evening can make a snowy scape intriguing and draw the eye where you want your visitors to focus.
  • Bring in the green. In winter, you can utilize potted live plants such as boxwoods and hollies. Some dormant trees, such as maples, add interest and burst in spring.
  • Do not forget the foliage. Amazingly, there are winter blooming flowers you can set out to add color and warmth, such as pansies, winter jasmine, calendula, and English primrose.
  • Cut the grass. Sometimes property owners ignore the grass in winter. Short-cut lawns retain a manicured look for weeks.

Preparing for Spring

Some preservation hacks are quite appealing. These include using fresh mulch, pruning your mature trees to attain their best shape, and using a light-colored fabric to wrap your thin-bark trees. There are some important cautions to follow as well: fertilize, continue watering and take steps to protect your plants from road grime, which will contain salt and some unfriendly compounds.

At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, we have winter commercial landscaping down cold. You can find help for your winter beauty landscaping needs by calling us at (970)-409-1245 or emailing us.