3 Things You Can Do To Save Water With Your Landscape

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Colorado is a beautiful state with a beautiful landscape. As a commercial property owner, you can do your part by keeping your landscape in good shape as well. If you’re having trouble keeping your commercial landscape beautiful, all while trying to conserve water, here are a few things you can try.

1. Consider Plants That Aren’t So Thirsty

Some shrubs and plants are just thirsty by nature. They require more water than other plants. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are changing your current landscape, install plants that don’t require as much water. Xeriscapes are perfect for achieving this goal, as they require little to no moisture. Include rocks in your landscape instead of grass, and add mulch to the ground around your plants to help retain the water they need.

2. Upgrade Your Irrigation System

It’s possible you’re using a lot of water because you have an ineffective irrigation system. Consider an upgrade! At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, we can help you renovate, repair, and install a system, get it winterized in the fall, and start it back up in the spring. Part of your irrigation system should include proper drainage, which we can take a look at as well.

3. Keep Up on Maintenance

You might be surprised what a poorly maintained landscape could do to water consumption. If leaves and debris are sitting around the property, they could block sprinklers or drains, impacting the overall irrigation system. If plants are dying, many property owners load on the water in hopes of bringing them back. If you keep up on maintenance, you won’t have to make a last-ditch effort that ends up wasting water.

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