Keeping Your Plants Safe From the Frost

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Colorado winters can be harsh, especially to plants that just have to hang out in the weather without protection. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your plants aren’t damaged from the frost, and there are some proactive ways to go about doing so.


frost on plantsKnow What To Plant

Part of keeping your plants protected from frost begins with planting the right plants in the first place. Hearty species that are native to your area are often the best to include in your landscape. They have the genetics to survive during winter, though some winters could be surprisingly cold and could still damage the natives.

Keep Them Covered

Not every plant needs to be covered during winter, but many can benefit from this protection from the elements. Even evergreens can avoid winter burn if you wrap them before the first frost. Some materials that often work to cover and wrap plants include fabric, newspaper, and plastic sheeting. If you have any plants that are in pots, they can be placed in a shed or inside the building, but be careful not to place them next to a heat source that will dry them out and make them wither.

Understand When Frost Becomes a Threat

The number you need to keep in mind is 28 degrees. If the temperatures are going to dip as low as that, or even lower, that’s when you need to take preventative measures. If the temperatures are going to drop lower than 25 degrees, your plants face the risk of serious damage. Take a look at the weather each night before leaving the office. If the temperatures are going to be too low, that’s when you need to cover the plants.

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