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A landscape light timer comprises an in-built clock and an electric circuit. The timer links the light and the power source, turning the lights according to the prescribed times. Light timers have differing controls ranging from digital settings to circular dials.

It is crucial to have your property well lit for security, impression, and value addition, among other reasons. Whether you are choosing a landscape light timer for the first time or seeking to replace your old one, there are many options. This article will look at different lights to keep your property landscaping lit all year round.

Analog Timer Switch

An analog timer switch is a mechanical timer with a gear that rotates the timer’s external clock face. The timer has labels along its periphery with specified opening and closing times. Analog timers are straightforward but pose the challenge of being off-set if there is a power outage. Therefore, you need to reset the timer as it will deviate from the usual time according to the outage duration.

Digital Timer Switch

Digital landscaping lights are an enhancement of the analog timer switch. However, they pose a challenge of programming difficulty but are generally straightforward. They offer the opportunity for more than on and off programs. You can set different programs according to the operations in your commercial facility.

Photocell Landscape Light Timer

photocell switch functions by sensing sunlight to indicate when lights turn off. These switches are capable of perceiving darkness and turning on the system. Therefore, you will have the assurance your lights will turn on at sunset. However, a photocell switch has to sense light at dusk to switch off, which may pose a challenge of not turning off at a designated time.

Control Combination

An ideal property landscaping light combines a photocell and a timer. The photocell will turn the lights on while the timer will switch them off. With a control combination, the lights will turn on at sunset, and you will turn them off at your desired time. As a result, you will have more control of your system.

Astronomical Timer Switch

Astronomical timers are more complex and compelling than the other timers but pose the challenge of programming. First, you must enter your property’s zip code or the approximate GPS coordinates. The timer will, in turn, utilize the coordinates to determine sunrise and sunset regardless of the  period of the year.

Bluetooth/WiFi Smart Controls

These are light systems that you can connect with your smart devices. These products are many and offer various functions. Some notable characteristics of smart controls are the ability to control them when you are not near the property, dimming lights, changing colors, and controlling the lighting in different areas.

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