Keep Your Commercial Lawn In Great Shape With These Tips

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Your commercial landscape is often the first thing clients and tenants will notice. If you want to make a good first impression, you have to spend some time and energy on your lawn. The following are a few tips for keeping your commercial lawn in the best shape possible.

commercial lawnClean Up Between Seasons

When winter turns to spring, you’ll begin to notice debris that has been covered by snow for months. Take some time to clean up the debris so your spring lawn will grow without hindrance. When summer is over and the leaves begin to fall, keep them raked up so they aren’t covered by snow when winter hits again. The more you clean up between seasons, the greater chance your lawn has at being a beautiful, healthy landscape.

Fertilize and Control Weeds

Each spring, you should begin a fertilizer treatment schedule. Add to that a weed control system, and you’ll be off to a good start to keep your commercial lawn looking good. The professionals can help you determine what your schedule should be, but you can plan on multiple applications throughout spring, summer, and fall to ensure the lawn is in good shape each year.

Mow and Edge

One way to really keep your lawn looking sharp is to mow and edge on a regular basis. Many companies mow regularly but fail to trim the edges, which leaves the lawn looking shabby and unkempt. With a crisp edge lining, your lawn will look incredible.

Get Help from the Professionals

You don’t have to maintain your property on your own. Keeping your commercial lawn in great shape is a team effort that will return a beautiful investment. Contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes today by calling 970-409-1245 or sending us an email for help with your lawn design, maintenance, and care.