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Expert Recommendations for Your Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial landscape design can do more than decorate the exterior of your property. In a world where saving on operating expenses can determine the longevity of your company, making your landscaping solution work for your budget and the environment is a win-win. Find out how you can do both with expert recommendations from the team at Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes.

Invest in Perennial Garden Beds

Annual flowers and plants add a lot of color and diversity to the landscape, but the best investment is with perennials. These are the plants that will come back year after year, rather than having to spend money replacing annual plants at least three times a year. Perennials are environmentally friendly plants as well since they don’t require a lot of water. Less water also means a lower water bill.

Rely on Native, Hardy Plants

At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, we know the local climate and the challenges that Colorado weather brings to plant life. With our expert advice, you can fill your landscape with hardy plants that resist drought and survive harsh winters. Native plants are better suited to fight off diseases and pests, and these plants are already in love with the soil and environmental conditions. These plants benefit the environment by offering a habitat for local bird species and a buffet of nuts, berries, or seeds for insects and other wildlife.

Cultivate a Rain Garden

If your commercial property is prone to flooding or excessive stormwater runoff, your expenses for repairing cracks in the foundation, eroding sidewalks, or potholes in the parking lot put a strain on the budget. A rain garden slows down the rush of water and encourages a natural watering of the plants in the garden. The soil helps filter out contaminants like grease or oil before the water reaches the plant roots. Lower expenses and healthier plants are beneficial to you and the environment.

At Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes, we can suggest budget-friendly enhancements that benefit your property and the environment. Call 970-409-1245 or email us today to find out more about our expert landscaping services.