How Important is Landscape Winterization?

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A little planning and foresight in winter can make a big difference in how your commercial landscaping looks in the spring and summer. Ignoring your company’s lawn and trees and equipment when the weather turns cold in Colorado will only make things more difficult in the warmer months. The most practical concern is making sure all of your equipment is winterized. This means having professionals go over all aspects of your irrigation system and making sure the pipes won’t freeze and other components are protected from frost and snow. A maintenance team will go over a winter checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Steps for a Healthier Landscape

To avoid the worst effects of winter, it’s important to approve a few projects. The following steps will promote the health of lawn, bushes, and trees:

  • Aerate the turf to allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach roots
  • Clean the grounds of leaves, branches, and other materials that smother the lawn
  • Fertilize the lawn with a mix of nutrients that give your grass a head start in spring
  • Treat areas with mulch to provide a protective layer and retain moisture

The right actions will make sure your plants receive all the nutrients and water they need during the winter months. It’s the smart and most cost-effective way to keep your grounds looking good in every season.

Benefits of Professional Care

A lawn that is maintained makes your company look good. Customers and employees notice when the trees look healthy and the grounds are trimmed and neat. Your company can also avoid the extra costs of unexpected maintenance and even damage caused by falling limbs or poor drainage. Whether your company is an office building, a production plant, an education facility, or another business, winter preparation pays off throughout the entire year. Contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes by calling 970-409-1245 or sending us an email to find out the best methods for winter landscaping.