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Sustainable Landscaping

Commercial landscaping needs to be beautiful as well as sustainable. It’s not enough to create a stunning landscape that attracts customers and inspires employees, but businesses in Colorado also need to consider the environmental impact of their landscape. Find out how to create a sustainable outdoor area for your property.

Choose a Diverse, Native Design

The best way to encourage sustainable growth is to work with native plant types. Exotic plants may have trouble adapting and require unique watering and soil considerations. Some may not adapt at all leading them to wilt and die off. Attempting to introduce new and unique plant species into your native region can require excessive resources to sustain, creating a largely negative impact on the overall environment.

Planting a large amount of the same tree, bush, flower, or other plant can have a similar impact. Native growth is unpredictable and diverse, so consider including a range of native species for reduced environmental impact.

Encourage Insect Habitats

Local butterfly and bee species need safe places to live. Instead of playing a role in the destruction of local habitats, encourage these essential pollinators to live and work on your commercial property. Consider ways to encourage birds, bats, and other animals that can reduce the mosquito population. This will make a comfortable area for your customers while still encouraging pollinators.

Reduce the Need for Artificial Maintenance

Excessive water, fertilizer, and pesticide use can be harmful to the environment. Professional landscape designers in your area can assist you in creating areas that require less maintenance. This removes the need for chemical pesticides while also reducing the cost of your landscape.

Work With a Local Professional

Create a sustainable outdoor area with the help of Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes We specialize in design and maintenance services for your Colorado business location. Whether you’re looking to maintain your existing landscape or recreate your entire outdoor area, call 970-409-1245 or email us today for a consultation.