Checklist for a Successful Irrigation System

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irrigationEnjoy a luscious lawn, healthy flowers, and thriving trees in your landscape with a quality irrigation system. There are many considerations you have to make to ensure you maximize your investment and receive the quality landscaping maintenance you deserve. Go through this checklist to see how you can create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Consider Your Environment

There is no one-size-fits-all irrigation system. Work with a professional irrigation technician who not only understands the climate in your state and local area, but one that takes the time to understand the soil and grading specifics of your property. This will ensure you enjoy ample watering without negatively affecting the local environment.

Smart irrigation systems automatically adjust usage depending on rainfall and other factors. This helps you conserve water while still maintaining a healthy, fresh look in your landscape.

Work With Your Plants

The type of lawn and flower you wish to grow also determine the type of system you need. Choose the type of lawn you want and work with a landscape designer before planning your irrigation setup. Trees and shrubs need special bubbler heads or a drip line, while your lawn needs rotors or sprinkler heads for maximum coverage. A professionally designed system creates equal coverage and doesn’t miss a plant or section of lawn.

Make Room To Grow

You can’t predict how landscaping trends will change. You may want more tree cover or a different flower garden setup in a few years, so ask your irrigation technician about room to grow. Invest in a system that can easily add a few more zones without overtaxing your pump and control system.

Work With a Professional Team

A qualified irrigation technician gives you the tools you need to create your dream landscape and properly maintain it with healthy, responsible water use. Work with our team at Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes to receive an estimate on a personalized irrigation setup for your local needs. Call 970-409-1245 or email us today for more information.