Prevent Pests and Protect Your Commercial Landscape

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Pests can damage your commercial lawn, destroy your beautiful landscaping, and create an unpleasant, unprofessional look for your commercial building. Whether you’re maintaining green space in front of your office building or a calming garden next to your medical center, discover the importance of professional pest prevention today.

Select the Ideal Grass

The first step to prevent insect infestations is to choose the right grass for your particular area. Ask a professional landscaping service what types of grass are native to your area. Native species of grass will be more resistant to local pests and will be able to withstand the weather and water patterns that are normal to your location.

Irrigate Your Landscape

Even the healthiest grass, shrubs, and flowers will struggle without adequate hydration. Your commercial landscape, particularly if it’s surrounded by asphalt or concrete, will need proper irrigation. Ask about installing an irrigation system in your area or look for other ways to save time as you water your landscape. While irrigation alone won’t remove the pests from your property, it will give your lawn and other plants the strength they need to combat troublesome pests.

Watch Out for Thatch

After you mow your commercial lawn, if it isn’t watered or fertilized properly it will become thatch. Large amounts of thatch, or undecomposed organic material, is the perfect home for caterpillars, cinch bugs, and other pests. Proper lawn care maintenance will reduce the amount of thatch and reduce the pest population on your property.

For more information about pest control, or to schedule a commercial lawn maintenance program for your property, contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscaping today. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance from a leading landscaping company that understands native Colorado pests and the best prevention strategies for your commercial location. With a few simple steps and expert understanding of pests in your area, Rocky Mountain Custom Landscaping can give you the tools you need to enjoy a luscious lawn. Call 970-409-1245 or send us an email today!