Know the Difference Between Landscape Renovation and Maintenance

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Your commercial landscape is important to your business’s curb appeal. It can also help your employees and guests feel more at home. You may know the importance of keeping up with the landscape maintenance, but here is what you need to know about the difference between maintenance and renovation.

What Is Landscape Maintenance?

Landscape maintenance prevents future problems with your landscape. It keeps your landscape looking manicured and healthy. Maintenance may involve weeding, trimming, pest control, mowing, fertilizing, and more. Keep in mind that every season will require a different type of maintenance. When you do not maintain your landscape, it will eventually begin to look rough.

What Is Landscape Renovation

Renovation is more than simple maintenance. This does not involve simple techniques that keep your landscape looking beautiful. Instead, renovation involves upgrading your business’s yard. For instance, you may want to replace or remove plants. This may involve tree services that allow clearance on your property or introducing mulch to your landscape. Mulch not only looks beautiful, but it covers weeds. In addition, you may want to change out your plants each season to ensure that you have a seasonal and colorful look all year round.

If you are having an event, you may also want to consider renovation. This is when you would be showing off your flowers or other landscaping abilities. In addition, you can never predict the future. Say that your landscape winds up destroyed by the elements, you may need a renovation to fix it.

Contact The Professionals

Renovation and maintenance can both be helpful in improving the look of your landscape. It is simply a matter of deciding whether you need to maintain your landscape or try for a complete renovation. If you are ready to renovate your retail center, hospital, hotel, or other business’s landscape, then it is time to contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscaping for your landscape solutions. Call 970-409-1245 or email us today to learn more!