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Landscaping is the first impression of your company. Manicured landscaping is an excellent way to highlight your dedication to quality services for both your customers and employees.

While there are many ways to spruce up your commercial landscaping, here are some compelling reasons to choose a professional mulching job today.


Avoid Insect Damage

Insects are a real danger for commercial landscaping. Your elegant floral arrangements, beautiful bushes, and pristine trees can all be damaged by local insects. Mulch is a natural way to deter insects from your landscaping. However, only a commercial mulching job can ensure insect repellant, as some mulch options don’t repel insects and instead attract them.


Promote Nutritious Soil

Because mulch offers a protective layer over your fertilizer and other organic material, it’s a great option for improving the nutrient content of your soil. This is one of the best ways to promote healthy growth in all your commercial landscaping.


Retain Soil and Moisture

Your flowers and bushes need moisture to thrive. In the midst of a long summer day in Colorado, you need a way to keep your soil moist and healthy. Mulch offers a protective layer that keeps your soil in place and helps hold moisture. Don’t let your flowers wilt and dry out on hot and humid summer days.


Reduce Weeds

Excessive weed growth is a leading cause of unprofessional commercial landscaping. An adequate layer of mulch protects your flower beds and other areas from weed growth. This protective layer can dramatically decrease the time spent weeding your beds without resorting to chemicals.


If you’re ready to enjoy beautiful commercial flower beds, contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes today to receive an estimate on professional maintenance and mulching. You’ll enjoy years of expertise as you discuss mulch varieties, costs, and maintenance steps to keep up your professional curb appeal and make a great impression for your employees and customers. Call 970-409-1245 or send us an email today!