4 Commercial Landscape Pitfalls That Could Get You Sued

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When you’re looking around at your properties landscape, you’re generally not thinking about lawsuits and what someone might do to take your business to court. Unfortunately, there are those out there who will sue over any little thing possible, so it’s important you keep your commercial landscape up to par at all times with the right landscaping company. When you’re working on a landscape design, think about these four landscape pitfalls that could get you sued.

1. Improper Lighting

If someone on your commercial property can’t see well enough due to improper lighting, and they are injured as a result, you could face a lawsuit. Too much lighting, or lights that are not placed correctly, could also pose a hazard if they shine straight into someone’s eyes, blinding them momentarily and leading them to crash a car, trip over something, etc.

2. Improper Drainage

There are all sorts of situations that could cause a lawsuit due to improper drainage. For example, heavy rain could lead to pooling in an area over a retention wall separating your business from a residential area. The pooling water could flood the area, run over the wall and straight into the basement of the nearest home.

3. Improper Pruning

Believe it or not, when your trees and bushes are not pruned properly, injuries can occur. Dead wood could dislodge from a tree, injuring a passerby. Overgrown branches could cause a trip and fall accident. You should also consider the possibility of a branch falling on a car or scratching it as someone drives by. These situations could all lead to a lawsuit.

4. Improper Hardscaping

If your hardscape design isn’t secure, it could lead to collapses, uneven walkways, and other damages. These damages could lead to injury or property damage, which could lead to litigation.

Getting Started the Right Way

Before you design a landscape that contains some common pitfalls that could get you sued, get in touch with a professional landscape designer who can help you with a plan that will work. Contact Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes by calling 970-409-1245 or emailing us today to get started.